Most Admired People of 2010


USA Today released it poll today on the most admired people in America.Most admired man:

1. Barack Obama ( I could believe that, he is one sexy fella) Can you say that about the president of the USA. 2. George W. Bush (republicans must’ve been polled) 3. Bill Clinton (he is influential) 4. Nelson Mandela ( I don’t see why) 5. Bill Gates ( there must’ve seen the gold bar in his pocket) 6. (tied) Pope Benedict XVI 6. (tied) Billy Graham (not surprised) 8. (tied) Jimmy Carter  8. (tied) Glenn Beck 10. The Dalai Lama


1. Hillary Clinton (I can see that. She is likable) 2. Sarah Palin (teapartiers were polled) 3. Oprah Winfrey ( I am not surprised, she would give away her eye tooth) 4. Michelle Obama ( strong and guided) 5. Condoleezza Rice (who knew) 6. Queen Elizabeth (Englishmen were polled) 7. Angelina Jolie (she is one hot mother hubbard) 8. Margaret Thatcher ( is she still alive) 9. (tied) Aung San Suu Kyi 9. (tied) Laura Bush


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