Willow Smith works for her dad

This is a potential rift waiting to happen. I am not the bad news bear but I can see Will and Jada going at it in the very near future over the direction of Willow’s career. The first thing they need to agree on is getting this girl an education so she can one day read these contracts. She is 9 now. In about 9 years she will be mad as hell at her dad over her career. Remember she is still a child and is becoming a woman very fast. Here is the story TMZ is reporting with regards to little Willow.

Singer Willow Smith‘s famous father Will is also her employer, it has been revealed.

The Whip My Hair singer‘s record contract is with Jay-Z‘s label Roc Nation, which has made an agreement with Spooky Girl Inc, for the ‘exclusive recording and entertainment services of Willow,’ according to documents TMZ.com have obtained.

Will, 42, is the president of Spooky Girl Inc and is therefore his 10-year-old daughter’s employer.

Willow’s mum Jada Pinkett Smith, 39, is listed as her guardian so technically Jada and Will are on opposite sides legally when it comes to Willow’s professional singing career.



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