Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH

I always maintain the best talent is out there and only waiting to be discovered. Looking for a second chance in life and in journalism, an Ohio homeless man got more than he probably ever expected when a video recently posted to YouTube demonstrated his extraordinary radio voice as he begged on a Columbus, Ohio roadside and turned him into an overnight sensation.

The man, Ted Williams, is known by locals (including police) in Columbus as “Radio Man.”

Originally trained to be a radio announcer, Williams said he turned to drugs and alcohol and ruined his chances of a journalism career.Williams was frequently spotted asking for money at a junction of I71 on Houston Street in Columbus carrying a sign that reads: ‘I have a God given gift of voice. I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you and God bless you. Happy Holidays.Mail Online also reported that TV channel WBNS-TV wants Williams to provide narration for its first-ever One Day To End Homelessness telethon on January 31, said Frank Willson, director of operations.

“Just to get back to some normalcy and responsibility — If I can a job, whether it’s a twenty-five or even $18,000, I’d be happy,” Williams said in a NY Post report. “At least I know God has me where he wants me.”

“The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!,” repeated a stunned Williams, 53, on local radio station WNCI.

A caller to the show who said she represented the Cavs offered Williams, who shot to stardom after local newspaper the Columbus Dispatch on Monday posted video of his perfectly-pitched panhandling, a full-time job doing voiceover work for the team and parent company and a free home in Cleveland.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/homeless_man_with_golden_radio_voice_91PQ3yMBa58vOf1n4MuToJ#ixzz1ADLGpx6a

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