Rihanna – Bisexual!


Radar Online

Oh lord our girl Rihanna is caught up in a bi-sexual scandal.  A new tell all book  is set to lift the lid on gay Hollywood.  On Monday Mediatakeout.com posted an alleged excerpt from an upcoming book called Low Down Dirty Shame that infers to a lesbian relationship with R & B star, Rihanna.


The book’s author, Natajah ‘Tajah’ Burton is a stunning model/businesswoman and in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com she shares her experiences as an out lesbian in Hollywood, dishes on past dates with A-listers, tells all about swinging sex parties and claims people would be “shocked and stunned” by  what she has seen and what she knows about many of today’s most popular celebrities.

Mediatakeout.com published the following: “A friend of mine introduced me to this Barbadian pop R & B artist a while ago. I had heard her music numerous times and was a fan of her unique sound. I jokingly told him I wanted to talk to her. He told me on the sly that he wasn’t sure she was into women but that he would confirm.”

The alleged transcript goes on to claim that numbers were exchanged, the two women had an “instant connection” and that “sex came up immediately, she was a freak.”

Tajah confirmed to RadarOnline.com that she had an affair with a “famous female R & B artist” but refused to name names as she does not want to be responsible for outing people against their wishes. It gets better y’all

Tajah told RadarOnline.com that she also dated “a very well known actress, a lot older, who also worked as a model” and a “well known female reality TV star.”

She says that the actress, a very well respected figure in the African American community, was not officially out as a lesbian but that it was the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.”Tajah said that she believes the singer had dated women before and that they had a passionate fling that ended when their schedules became busy and it was difficult to find time to see each other – she says that they still remained in contact with each other though after the affair ended

Rih Rih girl…ya star bright, don’t let it get tainted. This shit is about to get real ugly.



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