New Rap Artist – GMC from Barbados – Watch out world here he comes


The Bridgetown Knight

This young man is off the chain. Do people still say that! Well any way. I got the scope. So all you bloggers out there repost this information and let this young man realise his dreame. The sound is clear and the vocals wicked. Here is a brief profile of Dwayne.


This new artist hails from Bridgetown, Barbados. His name is Dwayne Wickham and he goes by the name GMC.  “I am a 23yo rapper/producer from Bridgetown Barbados. I’ve been on the underground scene for a while(2005).My main objective is to build a following and make great music with the tools I have at my disposal.”   He is currently working on my 2011 album tilled: The Bridgetown Knight, “I honestly feel I have a lot to offer Barbados, the region & the world,(musically)if given the right opportunities.” This Track is called Life My Way. Take a listen folks.Click the Link.  Life My Way You can also link to the Artist Page:


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