Rihanna lifts restraining order and disses Sandra Rose in the process. Take That!

Rihanna Lifts Restraining Order

E! Online is reporting that pop singer Rihanna has requested that the restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown be taken down to a level one. The two will be allowed to have contact and see each other only if Chris doesn’t “annoy, molest, or harass” Rihanna. Both parties’ attorneys have agreed to the terms and are just waiting on a judge to OK things.

It was originally reported in January that Brown wanted the order lifted so that he could attend awards shows without being in violation, but Brown has since announced that he will not be attending the Grammys.

Both Chris Brown and Rihanna will, however, be attending the NBA’s All-Star Weekend Festivities in Los Angeles later this month. But it gets better. Sandra Rose wanted to get all up in Rihanna’s grill about lifting the restraining order. Well Rihanna gave it to her straight. You better punctuate that with some bajan so she would know who she talking about. Put in some Rasholes and cunts in that girl. Go get um!

One Response to “Rihanna lifts restraining order and disses Sandra Rose in the process. Take That!”
  1. SashaiG says:

    Haha WOW Sandra Rose is upset. Its stupid for her to be upset. Rihanna already left him because of public perception and now everyone expects her to keep making choices about this situation based on what they think is right. Smh. Let the girl live her own life man.

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