Oprah and Iyanla – Divas on the mend

I watched the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday and was saddened by the tone of the show. Here are two powerful women, Iyanla and Oprah playing tic for tac. They could not get pass their own egos. When it comes to Iyanla she preached self awareness, comeuppance etc to millions of women but clearly didn’t practice what she preached. No I am not bashing her because this life is a journey and her experience has led her to where we saw her yesterday…on Oprah’s counch begging for forgiveness all because she didn’t practice what she preached…listening to the still small voice we called the creator. Instead, she saw the millions of dollars that she thought would come her way. The thing is, when you step out there and claim to be aware the universe holds you responsible. You cannot teach and preach spiritual principals and then be guided by material gain. It just doesn’t work. In essense here is the gist of the interview as reported by Sister2Sister Magazine. Who knew that Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Daytime Talk, had beef with her former protégé, Iyanla Vanzant?

The origin of their strife was revealed Wednesday on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” when O invited Iyanla back to set after an 11-year banishment.

At one time, Iyanla was a regular expert on “Oprah,” often doling out advice to the studio audience and viewers while Oprah kept quiet and let Iyanla have the spotlight. Apparently, the two parted ways after Iyanla, getting an offer for her own show from members of Barbara Walters’ camp and then presented Oprah with an ultimatum–or at least that’s how Oprah viewed it.

Iyanla insists she was not trying to back Harpo into a corner, but Oprah quickly moved onto the next, as in Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and other experts who benefited well from their loyalty. Iyanla’s talk show aired for one season.

On the show, Iyanla was very contrite in making amends with the media maven.

“I love you. I have always loved you and had nothing but positive regard for you, and I am now so sorry,” a teary-eyed Iyanla told Oprah. “I am aware of how my behavior and my choices could have appeared to you and been experienced by you as betrayal. Please forgive me. Please. That was not my intention ever, and at the bottom line, Oprah, I think it boils to people thought I knew things that I didn’t know.”

Oprah said, “I accept your apology. No apology necessary. You were already forgiven.”

However, it was clear that the two were uncomfortable as they sat awkwardly, bodies pointed in opposite directions.

Oprah said it was a “small ad” for Iyanla’s new book, Peace From Broken Pieces that prompted her to reach out to her estranged former friend. In the book, Iyanla writes about their feud


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