Muammar Gaddafi has fled Libya…oh Snap the Middle East if off the chain

Muammar better call Farrakhan cause he needs a hold to lay down in. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has fled Libya and may be heading for Venezuela, William Hague said today.

The Foreign Secretary said he had seen ‘information’ that suggests Gaddafi is on his way to the South American country – as Libya was up in flames today with reports of around 400 dead.

The dictator was said to have fled as Tripoli descended into chaos after anti-government demonstrators breached the state television building and set government property alight.

Libyan fighter jets reportedly fired on protesters in the capital today, with bombing runs leaving ‘many, many dead’.

Even Gaddafi’s own Libyan diplomats at the UN are calling for him to step down. Deputy Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi said that if the dictator does not relinquish power, ‘the Libyan people will get rid of him
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