Rihanna and CiERROR are beefing

Rihanna and CiERROR (Ciara) got a little beef going on. Why oh Why. Together they can make one person. Rihanna has got the hook and Ciara can dance. So there I said it. Rihanna why lower yourself to this kind of low class behavior. Ciara right now is feeling a little venerable cause she can’t sell ice to the Eskimos and you are the baddest chica in the business. Not even Beyonce is making the news right now. The beef started when Ciara dropped by Joan River’s “Fashion Police” show on E! and when asked to judge one of Rihanna’s outfits, Ciara had a vulnerable moment and told Joan that Miss RiRi used to be a nice girl but lately….not so much.  Joan then summed it up and called RiRi a “B*tch.”  Check the video:


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