Rihanna Is Spiraling out of Control

There is a buzz in certain circles that Rihanna is sprialing out of control. Is this the beginning of the end for our beloved Island girl. Let’s hope not but as we know everything has an expiration date. One blogger is saying that

“Rihanna is spiraling out of control and even Rihanna’s record label doesn’t know what to do with her these days. I was told by a source that a meeting was called by the higher ups at Def Jam’s offices, including Chairman and CEO LA Reid. The subject of the meeting was regaining control of the damaged public image of their temperamental artist. At issue were the rampant rumors of Rihanna’s self-harming behaviors, including random sex with male and female groupies. The meeting ended with everyone in the room concluding that there was nothing they could do to rescue her public image since Rihanna would only end up trashing it again — as she did last night on Twitter.”

Let’s hope that this is just rumor. If it isn’t I hope that Rih Rih had the good sense to put some of that money away and not spend it all shopping for louboutin shoes and bags and not to mention wigs. Let me tell you there are people just waiting to whip out the pop corn, chips and salsa and have a laughing party at our girl Rih Rih. Girl humble yaself. You work too hard and put in too much to fall this low. Just saying!

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