When The Earth Yawned

GREENBRIER, Ark. — The largest earthquake to hit Arkansas in 35 years also shook parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi on Sunday night.  This comes in a swarm of about 800 earthquakes to strike north central Arkansas since September.

The magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit just after 11 p.m. Sunday, and was felt for hundreds of miles.  This biggest one yet has everyone wondering what’s next and what’s causing all the quakes.

Reports to the U.S. Geological Survey show the 4.7-magnitude quake caused moderate to light shaking across the Natural State and parts of four others.

“You could feel it rumbling and then a real good jolt. It’ll rumble again then another good jolt, and they were pretty firm jolts,” said Arkansas resident Stephen Dunn.

“It shook a table next to my bed so hard it rattled what was on the table,” said Ken from Yellville.

“Some glasses clinked and rattled together during that time, a few pans on the wall moved,” said Robert from Brixey.

At Missouri State University, geology students and staff are paying close attention.

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