Rihanna has lost her damn mind – trying to beef with Farrakhan

You know Rihanna is really on the outs when a minister, and not just any minister, can call her performances swine. Rih Rih, trust me, you have neither the clout, intellect or wherewithal to challenge Minister Farrakhan. Sweet heart, leave that alone. If you have to be defensive about everything people tell you…it says to me your ego is bigger than your red wig. And if this Illuminati bullcrap is true, give back the devil his magic potion cause babie you don’t want none of this minister.   Rih Rih you betta check yaself or better yet, ask your management to check you. Farrakhan is a well respected minister and if he goes after you, you are done for.  Hip Hop Wired is reporting that Minister Louis Farrakhan is raising eyebrows over recent comments he made about pop singer Rihanna. ccording to The Chicago Tribune, Farrakhan dubbed troubled Libyan Dictator Moammar Quaddafi a “friend” and he praised the Church of Scientology for “civilizing white people.”

Rihanna on the other hand was blasted for her “filthy” performances and anyone who enjoyed such antics were “swine.” Rihanna in typical style responded on Twitter with the below comment. Rihanna you are out of order. REALLY! Right about now I am embarrassed by your behavior.


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