Jay Z censors Rihanna…the fat lady just sang.

I told y’all this was coming. The source is reporting that Jay Z has ordered Rihanna to take a break from touring. Wait for it. Lately Rih Rih has been loosing her damn mind. She has been getting into beef with everybody and to boot she disrespected Minister Farrakhan. Rih Rih I told you watch ya step. The world will forget about you in a heart beat. You will be back in Barbados as a has been and too shame to show your face in public. Here is what the Source is saying

According to Look Magazine (as quoted by MTV UK), Jay-Z is worried that the 23-year-old is being overworked and that her current schedule is causing her health to deteriorate.

“[Jay-Z] told her to take a holiday for a week –- she’s been working flat out and needs to get over the bronchitis, which he’s sure she’s developed as a result of stress,” the source continued. “He told her she’ll be all right, but to keep her head down.” Source

 Def Jam held a meeting to discuss Rihanna’s damaged public image after Britain banned her controversial music video for her lackluster single “S&M”. The label was worried that Rihanna was spiraling out of control after rumors surfaced about her self harming behavior and her sexual promiscuity with male and female groupies.


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