The Boy Who Saw Heaven

Colton Burpo: Claims he sat on Jesus' lap and saw his dead sister when he was threeColton Burpo: The youngster from Nebraska says he sat on Jesus’ lap and saw his dead sister when he was four


Family: Colton thought he only had one sister when he went under the surgeon's knife but met another that his mother miscarriedFamily: Colton (right) with his parents and siblings. The youngster thought he only had one sister when he went under the surgeon’s knife but says he met another that his mother miscarried

A boy who almost died from a ruptured appendix has said he met the dead sister he did not know existed.

The extraordinary claims by Colton Burpo, aged four, came after he was misdiagnosed with flu while his family, from Imperial, Nebraska, were on a trip to Colorado. By the time they returned home he was seriously ill and had to undergo emergency surgery twice.

While he was in the operating theatre his parents, Todd and Sonya, prayed, believing they were going to lose their son.

However, Colton soon recovered and then told his astonished parents that he had met the sister his mother had miscarried a year before his own birth.

What made this even more remarkable was his parents had never spoken to him about her.

he youngster said: ‘She looked familiar and she started giving me hugs and told me she was glad to have someone from her family up there.’She doesn’t have a name though, she said they never gave her one. But she can’t wait for her mom and dad to come to Heaven to meet her.’

He also described to his astonished parents how he had seen them praying.

His 41-year-old father said: ‘I’m looking at him in the mirror, and he says that the angels sang to me. I looked and he is just dead serious.’

The child also claimed that he saw his great-grandfather, Pop, who had died more than 30 years before.

However, he didn’t recognise Pop from a picture taken shortly before his death but from one of him as a young man.

Colton said that his visions became more vivid as time passed.

He said: ‘I remember Jesus, there’s streets of gold and a lot of colours. I sat on Jesus’ lap and then I just felt safe. God, he is the biggest one in Heaven, he can hold the world in his hands.’

He even claims he saw a glimpse of Armageddon.

When asked the age-old question about what Heaven is like, Colton had a very specific description: ‘Well, it’s all the colours of the rainbow, a place of beautiful shades and hues.

‘The gates were made of gold and there were pearls on them. It never gets dark. It’s always bright. Daily Mail


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