Ne-Yo Gave “Irreplaceable” to Beyonce?

Did you know that Ne-Yo wrote Irreplaceable, the song that Beyonce sings. Ha ha. Yes sir he sure did. Ne-Yo has made known his feelings concerning the song. In a recent interview with UK radio station Choice FM, the “Beautiful Monster” singer said:

“One song that I gave away and didn’t want to is Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable.’ I honestly wrote that song for myself. But that song actually taught me a very interesting lesson – men and women don’t actually think that much differently on the grand scheme of things However, a man singing it comes across a little bit misogynistic, a little bit mean.”

Then he decided to MAN-DOWN on his twitter page by sayin:

Ok. What’s this I hear about me wishing I never gave Beyonce’ Irreplaceable? Y’all ACTUALLY believe I said that? SERIOUSLY? Wow. Aiight. Believing everything you read is just as bad as letting somebody run you. Stop letting these media haters and bloggers control y’all.

You wanna know ’bout me? ASK ME. You wanna know if I said somethin’ ASK ME. C’mon y’all. I KNOW you’re smarter than that. All good. Beyonce’ is a friend of mine. I’m sure she knows I’d never dis her in regard to Irreplaceable or at all for that matter. (Source)



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