Trump is going in on Obama. Everybody wants Obama to go to war. They did the same thing with Clinton remember and when he didn’t go to work, Monica Lewinsky turned up with a stain on her blue dress. Oh and don’t lets forget the cigar. Trump says that that Obama has made America a Whipping post, that might be true but wasn’t Bush who erected the post in the first place. Man Ob One can’t catch a break. Go get them Trump…maybe if you do run and win, we could have one of your apprentices run the country. Just saying…The National Enquirer published a story today that makes you go hum. Read below.
Photo by: splash news online

OBAMA‘s foreign policy is a disaster, says APPRENTICE boss DONALD TRUMP in an explosive new ENQUIRER interview!

Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s already better at foreign policy than President Barack Obama – and he’s not even in the White House yet!

Last week in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, The Donald blasted Obama for not having sent troops to Libya to prevent killings at the hands of madman Moammar Gadhafi.

In a blistering new attack, Trump tells The ENQUIRER that Obama is “clearly in over his head” and says he grades him nothing better than a “D+” in his dealings with foreign governments.

And the billionaire real estate mogul has backed up his words with actions.

On March 10, Trump welcomed President Mikheil Saakashvili of the Republic of Georgia to Manhattan’s Trump Tower to formally ink a deal that calls for the building of two new Trump properties in the Eurasian country.

The Celebrity Apprentice boss is investing $300 million to build a residential tower and a luxury hotel as part of Georgia’s effort to bring tourists and businesses to the former communist country.

Trump, 64, told The ENQUIRER: “You see what’s happened with the Republic of Georgia and you see what’s happening to our country. You see what can be done with proper leadership.

“We don’t have that leadership – we’re being badly decimated in this country.

“We’re like a whipping post!”


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