what it’s REALLY like to be plus-size

Now to me this is a healthy woman.Keep doing you girl. I am a 14 and I know I am fione!

‘Designers will be making a lot more money by embracing a wider range of sizes, and women everywhere will start to feel better about themselves when they finally realise that to be beautiful, they do not need to conform to someone else’s ideal.’

Marquita Pring Control: The model revealed that it was important to her clients that her weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, and that exercise and a healthy diet was essential 

Given that it’s their business to be curvaceous, you’d think plus-size models lived on a diet of cupcakes and fries.But that’s far from the case according to one of the industry’s hottest new stars, Marquita Pring.

The 20-year-old, who has shot campaigns for Levi’s, Evans and is a favourite with Jean Paul Gaultier, is a U.S. Size 14.

But she revealed that it was important to her clients that her weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, and that a healthy diet was essential.

She told New York Magazine: ‘I work hard to maintain my size. People often think that by being a plus-size model we just let go of ourselves and have no self-control. I work harder than some of the smaller girls.

‘We have to maintain our size and be careful not to fluctuate too drastically, especially when we have consistent clients that need us at specific measurements.

Miss Pring, who is from Clinton in Upstate New York, explained that even though she is a keen athlete and works out regularly, she sticks to a low-wheat diet in order to prevent bloating.

‘I’m a fairly healthy eater,’ she said. ‘I love to start my day with oatmeal or Ezekiel bread and fruit. Salads, chicken, and fish are major parts of my diet. But of course everyone has their own indulgences. Chocolate happens to be my guilty pleasure.’

She went on to explain why she thought the industry needs to embrace more diverse women and phase out the term plus-size altogether.

‘I think we need to phase out the category “plus-size models.” I’m a model. I’m doing the same catalogue and editorial jobs as the “normal” models.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1363152/I-work-hard-maintain-figure-New-model-block-reveals-REALLY-like-plus-size.html#ixzz1Fka8C01S

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