Jennifer Lopez Needs 20 Mirrors and 50 Stylists to Make Her Look Good on American Idol

I think she should fire all of them and start over again. With all this, is this the best they can do. To film two days of American Idol auditions, the honorable judge Jennifer Lopez needed “12 racks for her wardrobe changes, 20 mirrors, and a ton of spotlights for her makeup team. There were around 50 people in her villa dealing with makeup, hair, and wardrobe—but the funny part is, she wore only two outfits during the entire two days of filming.” What the National Enquirer doesn’t know is that J.Lo was actually constructing a fashion-themed carnival funhouse, with wacky mirrors and a wardrobe-rack maze. In other news, Jenny from the Block called the hotel desk 20 times in one hour with the same demand, which breaks down to one call every three minutes. [Enquirer via Celebitchy, image via Getty]


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