Trumped – Looking like Side Show Bob

Despite what everyone is saying, Donald Trump insists he isn’t clowning around.

After being dismissed by the White House as a “sideshow” circus freak, Trump said Monday the comments are proof positive that President Obama views him as a real threat in 2012.

“I have obviously touched a nerve. They don’t talk about any other candidate. I know for a fact they’re very concerned with me,” Trump told The Daily News.

Trump’s embrace of crackpot conspiracy theories about Obama’s place of birth earned him a harsh rebuke Sunday from a top White House aide.

“There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people,” said Obama’s right-hand man, David Plouffe. “It’s a sideshow.”

Trump said he wasn’t entirely pleased to see his mug dressed up in clown make-up on the front page of The News as a result.

“I thought it was unfortunate that The Daily News would do something like that,” he said.


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