Rihanna  radiates something “special” on each photo even as a kid.  But the photos also reveal a “secret” side of the family that she rarely talks about….her father’s OTHER kids.  Rihanna has three older siblings. Rihanna has an older sister named Kandy, 32,  Samantha, 30, and brother Jamie, 27. They were both born during different relationships before Ronald married Rihanna’s mother Monica. Rihanna hasn’t abandoned her siblings, she keeps  in touch with both her and her older brother Jamie, who is a graphic artist. Samantha says they meet up with the singer whenever she returns home and she and Jamie have also become close to Rihanna’s younger brothers Rorrey and Rajad.

Thans YBF for the pics…

Rihanna at age 9.

This photo shows a 15-year-old Rihanna meeting her oldest sister Kandy for the first time.

Rihanna is also an aunt to Kandy’s two daughters Brandy and Crystal.  Rorrey and Rajad are also in this pic.

In this more recent pic at an awards show, RiRi poses with Samantha, her dad Ronald and her two little brothers.

And in this blast from the past RiRi is shown with papa Ronald, brother Rajad and her mom Monica.

Well…we ALL have family secrets and secret family members.  At least most of us do.  Mmhmmm.  Good to see they all get along.


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