Rihanna And Bey to Record together…Hush up!

Word on the street is that Rih Rih and Bey are going to record a duet for Bey’s next album which will drop in June. I heard a sample of the techno sound and that shit is whack and not in a good way. It is awful. So a duet with Rih Rih can only lend some flavor. Beside Rih Rih sings a good hook. Ya got to give it to Jay Z, the man making money all around.Selling ya sole is no easy task, there is a heavy price to pay ask Dorian Gray.

A source told M Is For Music,

“Rihanna has wanted to work with Beyonce for some time now and after talking about a duet at this year’s Grammys they have finally managed to set aside some time to record together.  The song will feature on Beyonce’s album and will be a number one smash hit for sure.”

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