Bounce TV Will Be Nothing Like BET

Will Packer, Film producer, Rainforest Films, executive Bounce TVRainforest Film exec Will Packer remains focused on success (Image: Press)

Oprah isn’t the only African American doing great things. Did you know that a group of Black Entreprenerus are launching BOUNCE TV in the fall. Here are the details…

Its name may also begin with a “B”– like “black”–but Bounce TV executive Will Packer warns viewers not to mistake his new network for BET. Bounce, he says, will be different.

Sure, its target audience is also African American, but Bounce distinguishes itself from Black Entertainment Television, Centric and TV One by its potential reach alone. When it debuts this fall, the Atlanta-based channel, which estimates it will reach 50% of US households at launch (and will grow as it establishes distribution deals like the recent one inked with Raycom Media), will be the first free broadcast network of its kind–a relief for those who can’t afford cable.

“We are working to make Bounce available to everyone,” says Packer,  the network’s chief strategy and marketing officer, of the plans to broadcast programming on the digital signals of local television stations nationwide, which allows viewers free access to the content

Co-founded by civil rights leader Martin Luther King , III, former Atlanta mayor and U.S. ambassador Andrew Young Jr., one-time Turner Broadcasting exec Ryan Glover and others, the station–which is majority-owned and operated by African Americans–will provide “underserved audiences” with popular documentaries, free football and basketball games from the country’s largest black athletic conference and classic movies such as The Wiz, Do the Right Thing, Glory. Packer says Bounce will also offer their its target audience–ages 25-54–a strong lineup of original programming.

“We should start rolling out new shows within the next couple of years,” promises the successful producer, who will serve on a panel at this year’s BLACK ENTERPRISE Entrepreneurs Conference and who balances his network duties with those he has as co-founder and chairman of his own successful production company, Rainforest Films (Stomp the Yard, Obsessed and Takers).


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