Rihanna And Chris Are Secretly Meeting. There are Back

All of Barbados were just singing Rihanna’s praises because of her recent success at the Bill Board Music Awards last week. People on facebook were up in arms when or if you said something negative about Rihanna. I support her in all her endeavors, good or bad, hard or soft. But this right here is a sure fire was for Rihanna to kill her Career which is hanging by a thread. Yea I am all for living your life on your terms. So I support her if and when she goes back to Chris Brown and I will support her when she fucks up her career and ends up back in Barbados living a recluse life because she is too embarrassed and shame. Here is what NOW a UK paper is saying about Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown.

The current issue of Now, a UK tabloid, is reporting that the former couple have been talking online a lot recently and have even gotten together in person. Check out the details below:

Superstar Rihanna has risked the wrath of her fans by secretly seeing the man 
who beat her up and broke her heart.

The singer’s even 
used Twitter to stand up for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, 22, who split her lip and left her battered and bruised after a vicious attack in February 2009.

The restraining order she’d taken out was lifted in February in time for the Grammys and our sources say Ri-Ri, 23, has met up with Chris twice since then.

‘Ri-Ri’s always loved Chris – that never changed,’ reveals a source. ‘They’ve texted and Skyped each other a lot recently and met up at a mutual friend’s house in Los Angeles after the restraining order expired.’


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