Usain Bolt Is On Track

Kingston, Jamaica – June 21, 2011Usain Bolt may be the fastest man alive but he recently agreed to slow his pace, long enough, to shoot a new and vibrant ad campaign for Gatorade. The campaign will see a new sleek bottling and packaging for the world’s most popular sports drink. The commercial was filmed right here in Jamaica at the Usain Bolt track at the University of the West Indies (UWI).

The campaign will feature Bolt drinking from the new Gatorade bottle and according to the world record holder; he is already in love with the new design.

The triple Olympic and World Champion was very animated while speaking about the shoot and the upcoming campaign which he believes further cements his relationship with Gatorade.

“Jamaica is an important location to any brand, and it is my home, so I am always excited about Jamaica,” Bolt said. “I do realise that Gatorade was a company who was committed to maintaining relationships with the best sport has to offer, and I thought I represented an aspect of that. Gatorade is an A-class organisation and I am pleased. I look forward to strengthening that relationship.”

Word is that background video from the video shoot will be made into a viral video that will be released to the social media networks to prepare the public for the upcoming campaign that should be ready for launch about June or July this year.

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