Show Love & Hugg Somebody

Hailie J with mom Karen

And a child shall lead them. Little Hailey J is proving that we should listen to the little ones.  In the meantime, the Hugg Campaign is taking off. The campaign is askin for your help to help some children who are in need. Here is how you can contribute. If you are in Barbados there is a childrens’ home that is in need of Single sheet sets. _The children have been sleeping on the same sheets for the last 2-3 years. Please message me if you are willing and able to donate and how many. There is a need! LEt’s do this family….. SHOW LOVE. Take a listen, Click the link: Show Love Hugg Somebody

If you would like contact details about how to contribute. Send me an email at :


One Response to “Show Love & Hugg Somebody”
  1. Thank you very much Abigail. Hailey-J and I appreciate this. And for those of you who wish to hear the song. Click on this link. God bless you for your act of kindness.

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