Jennifer Hudson Hospitalized in NY

For all you women out there wishing you could exercise join some over rated weight loss program and loose the weight, don’t get too excited. A lot of celebrities who are not overweight by the average women standards are opting to go under the knife and get the lap band procedure. Raven Simone has done it and dropped the weight in no time. Now she looks like a rat that was being choked underwater. Yes I said it. To me and this is only my opinion she looks horrible. I am now learning that Jennifer Hudson has had the same procedure, so her weight loss wasn’t all exercise and eating over priced food. She got the Lap band procedure. Jennifer was hospitalized today in New York after her performance on GMA and it is suspected that she is having complications from the procedure. Common complications for lap band patients include irritation and erosion from band slippage and upper pouch dilation. This can lead to ulceration in the esophagus, pain, nausea and vomiting, internal bleeding and infection.

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