Rihanna’s Cousin Needs To Stay In Their Lane StUePsE!

I saw this on the website, streetlife.com and had to share it.

Rihanna's Family Wants Chris Brown?

According to rumors, pop star Rihanna’s closest family members have been begging for Rih-Rih to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Two of the singer’s cousins say that Rihanna’s family still loves the abusive Brown and have forgiven him. “Chris made a mistake, but I forgive him, Nicola Alleyne told The ENQUIRER. I think he got hit too. Knowing Rihanna like I do, it was a fight. But I would love them to be back together. I really think Chris still loves her. She introduced Chris to everybody. He was really, really nice,recalled Nicola. chris’s mother, sister, nephew and cousin also came. My mother made dinner, and Chris sat on the floor and ate her Guyanese food  baked salt fish and rice. I met him after Rihanna had just won her first Grammy,” said Amanda Thompson, another cousin. “She had a party in the Boatyard Bar in Bridgetown, and I danced with him. I don’t know what happened, but I would love for them to get back together. Everybody makes mistakes.

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