Tamar and Vince

Last night WE tv premiered the ‘Braxton Family Values’ spin-off ‘Tamar and Vince‘. The show centers around the youngest Braxton sister and her husband, music mogul Vince Herbert.I hated this show. The show gave us more of the same from Tamar. This should be titled Tamar 2.0. She is loud and comes across as uneducated in some instances. Clearly this girl needs Vince to shine because until The Braxtons we only knew the name. Some thing should stay in obscurity. “Tamar and Vince have a classic give and take relationship: Vince gives and Tamar takes”, notes one blogger.  Well we shall see if this last past five years. I got a feeling based on Vince’s eye movement he detest the behavior but puts up with it. Maybe it’s a self-esteem game with him since he not much to look at.

Stay tuned until next week.


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