Look Ma I am on top of the world

A Swiss expedition used remote-controlled helicopters to shoot rare footage of climbers on the Karakoram, one of the world’s most demanding and formidable mountain ranges. The result was stunning images of the Karakoram and the climbers making it to the top. Experienced climbers say the Karakoram puts the rest of the world’s mountain ranges to … Continue reading

The only lost girl in the world

Could someone help this child. And yes to me she is a child considering her antics. What did momma take away the pacifier too early or something. Ten days into September Rihanna added a new etching to her skin to honor her late grandmother. Proud of how the intricate design came out, she’s wasting no … Continue reading

Nene Leakes all over the place

Talk about a come up. Anna Wintour has apparently given NeNe Leakes her seal of approval, granting her a spot in the October edition of Vogue. The 44-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star was photographed alongside fellow cast members from The New Normal – a sitcom based on Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s life.  (dailymail.com)  

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