• Little Know Facts

    Hanging out: Two relaxed-looking ant friends mirror each other as they dangle from a tiny twig

  • The Golden Ant

    Perched on a purple flower, this mother looks as loving as any from our species. And further images show the entire close-knit family climbing on each other's backs, clinging to a branch together and rearing up on their back legs to gently touch feelers. Photographer Thanh Ta Quang spent a month taking more than 2,000 shots to get the perfect pictures of the beautiful insects. The 47-year-old studies the movements of his tiny subjects so he can work out the best time to catch them exhibiting their most interesting behaviour. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2038200/He-ANT-heavy-s-son-Mother-shows-strength-bit-child-s-play.html#ixzz1YHZBtZJi

Nene Leakes all over the place

Talk about a come up. Anna Wintour has apparently given NeNe Leakes her seal of approval, granting her a spot in the October edition of Vogue. The 44-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star was photographed alongside fellow cast members from The New Normal – a sitcom based on Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s life.  (dailymail.com)  

Pippa And Her Wash Board Ass

I don’t know why people keep making a big deal about Pippa Middleton. The girl is too skinny and she is as flat as a pancake in the buttocks region. Poor sole.

Denroy Morgan arrested after 350 pounds of marijuana

Dang! Brother man was having a Marijuana party and didn’t invite anyone. Reggae artist Denroy Morgan, famous in the eighties for his hit song I’ll Do Anything For You, was arrested after police discovered 350 pounds of marijuana with a street value of up to $350,000 in a Bronx building. He was spotted by a … Continue reading

Nicolas Page – Past and Present

This is not a trick photo of any kind and has not been manipulated in Photoshop or any other graphics program. ‘It’s an original photo of a man who lived in Bristol, TN, sometime around the Civil War.’ It is believed the photo was taken by a confederate Civil War prisoner of war photographer called … Continue reading

Straight From the Cow’s Utters

A toddler has been suckling milk directly from a cow ever since his mother went away to find work when a storm destroyed the family home. After he stopped breast-feeding from his mother, the boy became ill, said the 46-year-old grandfather with whom the youngster is staying.

Amazing Rescue StUePsE!

Bystanders stopped to help police lift a burning car that hit and dragged a motorcyclist in Logan, Utah. The cyclist was rescued by a group who picked up the car and pulled the man out from under the wreckage.  

Rihanna’s Cousin Needs To Stay In Their Lane StUePsE!

I saw this on the website, streetlife.com and had to share it. According to rumors, pop star Rihanna’s closest family members have been begging for Rih-Rih to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Two of the singer’s cousins say that Rihanna’s family still loves the abusive Brown and have forgiven him. “Chris made a mistake, … Continue reading

Rihanna In Wax

  Rihanna’s wax figure displayed at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany

Simon Cowel Needs A Real Woman

What Simon Cowell wants is a real woman, no tooth pic, but a meaty lovely like me. hahaha!. Simons seems a little Zesty to me but that is just me thinking out loud. The word is Simon and Mezghan are caput, over and out.

Rihanna’s Dad

We often hear all kinds of stories about Rihanna not helping her father out or that he lives in a small house. Well, lets hope these pictures disprove those rumors.

Monica Lewinsky A Recluse. StUePsE!

Word on the street is that Monica Lewinsky, the famous intern, the one former US President denied having sex with is now a recluse. Well my advice is girl sell that blue dress. You could get a tidy penny for it.

Kim K Is One Savvy Chica – She Keeps The PayChecks Coming In

Who can blame Kimmy K. Kim Kardashian reveal recently that she uses  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray which comes in a variety of shades.d Kim describes it as a ‘lifesaver’. ‘I’m using Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray and it is my lifesaver at the moment,’ she wrote on her website. ‘I love this stuff! It … Continue reading

The dramatic moment a child is pulled alive from a burning building

This is the dramatic moment a young child is hauled from a burning building by firefighters, moments before she would have been totally engulfed by the flames. The girl, her sister and their mother were caught in the blaze in Evansville, Indiana, and are currently in a critical condition in hospital, as doctors continue to … Continue reading

Ten Ton Lover

Biggie Irie song Big Girlz might be the best song ever when it comes to big girlz. I know there is no way he could’ve imagine this one right her. She is not only a big girlz she is about ten big girlz. Just saying! Don’t get mad at me but this is sad.  At … Continue reading

World’s First Commercial Space Port StUePsE!

 Phase one of the world’s first commercial spaceport, which will be the hub for Virgin’s consumer spaceflights, is now 90 per cent complete. The 1,800-acre Spaceport America site, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the home base for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s most ambitious business venture yet. It already boasts a runway stretching to nearly … Continue reading

Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars…StUePsE!

Dreamgirls star Eddie Murphy is reported to be close to clinching a deal to host the 84th Academy Awards. The funny man who’s headlined such comedies as Beverly Hills Cop, Daddy Day Care and the Shrek franchise is said to be the top choice for Oscar co-producer Brett Ratner. Murphy shot to super stardom in … Continue reading

The Cover That Did It All

This is the cover that make Kim K a superstar. Go figure.

Rihanna Is The New Armani Model! StUePsE

When you are no longer tomorrow flavor of the week, you can always take up modeling. Giorgio Armani announced that Rihanna will be the new global ambassador for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans’s autumn/winter 2011-12 campaign. RiRi recently shot photos for the campaign in New York, which will be launched worldwide in September.

Beyonce, Baby Bump and Jigga

Beyonce, her baby bump and Jay Z celebrated her 30th birthday  in Italy with husband Jay-Z and the pair were seen out in the romantic city of Venice last night enjoying a dinner date. It is the first time that Beyoncé has been pictured since she announced she is pregnant at last Sunday’s MTV Video … Continue reading

Nanny Collapses And Suffocates Baby

This story absolutely breaks my heart. A TV reporter whose one-month-old son died after he was suffocated when his morbidly obese babysitter collapsed and died on top of him has spoken of his horror of discovering his dead baby. Michael Baldwin II, who works at New York station News 12, said he had asked Teresa … Continue reading

The Help – Kathryn Stockett Alegely helped herself to someone else’s story StUePsE!

The story of The Help that is theaters now is about to get real ugly. Apparently the story is based on an actual person, Abilene Cooper. Ms. Cooper worked  for    Kathryn Stockett’s brother and sister-in-law, where she has been a maid and nanny for 12 years. Abilene says: ‘When I started to read the book, … Continue reading

Dolphins ‘carried body of drowned victim to shore’ in July Fourth tragedy

July Fourth weekend ended in tragedy for one family when a man drowned after being caught in an undertow. The body of 47-year-old Luis Arturo Polanco Morales, of Denham Springs, was found by authorities about ten to 15 feet from the shore line. At first they believed the tide had washed Mr Morales up but … Continue reading

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The stinking truth finally comes out. It’s an all too familiar scenario. After months of planning a holiday, you finally arrive at your destination only to find the palm-fringed beach and gourmet buffet you’ve been dreaming about are nowhere to be seen.    Craning for a better view: The beach at the JW Marriott Ihilani … Continue reading

McCain wishes…

can you finish the sentence. John McCain wishes he had never met the Palins, I betcha!. The apple hasn’t fall far from the tree. It appears Bristol Palin is using every platform she can to take a swipe at rival conservative daughter Meghan McCain. Not content with criticising her in her upcoming memoir Not Afraid … Continue reading

Barbados Crop Over Festival

Barbados famous summer festival, Crop Over, is now under way. The festival officially opened on Saturday, July 2, with the Crop Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes at Queen’s Park. Other event highlights are the Cohobblopot (at Kensington Oval)— featuring the most popular calypsonians and bands displaying their stunning costumes—on July … Continue reading

‘She’s not ready for the White House’

‘She’s not ready for the White House’ says former aid. Tell us something we don’t know.  She is the new and improved Sarah Palin. I mean that in all fairness. One of Michelle Bachmann’s former chiefs of staff launched a scathing attack on his old boss today, claiming she was ‘decidedly’ not ready to be … Continue reading

FarmVille creator

Zynga, the online game maker behind ‘FarmVille’ and other popular Facebook pastimes, is set to raise $1billion after going public. The public offering is the latest in a crop of high-valued Internet IPOs expected after LinkedIn showed that the online networking craze is a hot commodity on Wall Street. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2010579/FarmVille-creator-set-join-billionaire-club-company-hit-Facebook-game-goes-public.html#ixzz1R93xF1LY

‘120-year-old woman’ discovered in Brazil

  Ancient discovery: aria Pereira was found in the remote north-west Brazilian state of Acrel A woman who claims to be 120-years old has been discovered in Brazil. The indigenous Maria Lucimar Pereira would become the world’s oldest living person – by six years – if the findings in the remote north-west Brazilian Amazon state … Continue reading

DO NOT Drink And Drive Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Houston man was arrested after he kept driving for more than a mile after a pedestrian’s body smashed through his windshield and landed in the front passenger seat this morning. James John Onak, 49, fatally hit the pedestrian, whose car had broken down, on Interstate 45 to the southeast of the city at about … Continue reading

Oprah In Tight Black Pants…ooch!

Now why didn’t someone back then tell Oprah this was bad idea. Doesn’t she remind you of the Clumps. Oprah in a vivid top and printed vest. Well see for your self

Check This Out Beyonce…

Rihanna looks fierce in this Costume/Bathing suite Mix, Tribal patterns and red hair tendrils curled to perfection.

The Owl and the Pussycat who really are the best of friends

The Owl and the Pussycat who really are the best of friends and this ain’t no lie. For real…he pair clearly enjoy each other’s company – every time Gebra comes in to land, her four-legged friend trots up to greet her with a friendly rub and purr. It is believed the animals get on so … Continue reading

Rihanna at Rogers Arena in Vancouver

Well, it was certainly flashy. If it was hyperkinetic dance routines, costume changes, and retina-bombing visuals you were after, Rihanna’s Rogers Arena concert on Friday night (the first of two shows there) certainly delivered. The 23-year-old Barbadian R&B superstar kicked things off with “Only Girl (in the World)”, surrounded by dancers in outfits that suggested … Continue reading

Rihanna vs Bey

What is the big frigging difference? Everybody and their mother is complaining about Rih Rih’s outfits, but this right here is stink. Yes I said it. This chick has lost her glow and is trying really hard to get it back. Too hard in my book. She looks off, but time will tell right Bey. … Continue reading

Girl 5 Drowns Her Brother

I just don’t know what to say about this. This is a very sad story. Should the child be punished or the parents who were negligent? Read for yourself and then comment. A five-year-old girl dragged a toddler to a bathtub and drowned him because he made too much noise and cried too much, according … Continue reading

I’ve Got Super Powers

This is such a wonderful story, I just had to share it with you guys. ther-of-four had become stuck under the rear tyre of a Cadillac Seville, while his wife screamed as she tried in vain to lift it with two other men. But tow truck driver Pedro Arzola, 34, was in luck as a … Continue reading

Jennifer Hudson Hospitalized in NY

For all you women out there wishing you could exercise join some over rated weight loss program and loose the weight, don’t get too excited. A lot of celebrities who are not overweight by the average women standards are opting to go under the knife and get the lap band procedure. Raven Simone has done … Continue reading

Gabrielle and Dwaye Are No More

Word on the street is that Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union have split up. Does anyone really care!. They may have broken up but they still buddy buddy.  Apparently they  split up a few months ago. They are still very much friends, check out the tweets below.    

What A Failure!

This boy is a complete failure. Yes I said boy cause he is yet to show and prove that he is a man. Chris Brown is a BET 2011 Fashion Disaster. I died laughing!

Sea Creature found in China and Barbados

  Monster … creature washed up at Guangdong, China A similar creature was found on a Barbados beach on June 1st.  A fisherman reported seeing a smiliar creature in November while at sea.   Below is the creature that washed up on the Barbados beach.

Sex On The Beach Isn’t Just A Drink

It wasn’t quite the sunset view the customers at Caddy’s restaurant had in mind. A young couple were arrested after allegedly having sex on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida, in front of 50 people – including children. Erica Huerta, 21, and Steven Douglas, 22, were each charged with one count of lewd and lascivious … Continue reading

Man flies US Airways in women’s underwear

People in the world has gone bonkers and we wonder why mother nature is retaliating. Lord help us. Six days before a college football player was arrested at San Francisco International Airport in a dispute that began when a US Airways employee asked him to pull up his sagging pants, a man who was wearing … Continue reading

Karl J Arrested By Barbados Police on Fraud

This is big stuff.  Karl J (Karl Jackson) was arrested by Barbados police as he was about to leave the Island for the US on Fraud. Word is, the winner of the show is out $10,000 US prize money. The show was held last Sunday at the Wildey Gymnasium at the Sir Garfield Sports Complex … Continue reading

Ex New York weather girl Heidi Jones INDICTED for lying about being raped in Central Park

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Like a storm front, the strange case of TV meteorologist Heidi Jones has taken another surprising turn. The New York weather presenter accused of fabricating attacks on her has been indicted, an unusual step for prosecutors in a misdemeanor case. The Manhattan district attorney’s … Continue reading

Jill Scott Is Delicious

Damn! Jill Scott is Pow!, Pang!, Bop! Thank God for Spanx ____

Usain Bolt Is On Track

Kingston, Jamaica – June 21, 2011 –Usain Bolt may be the fastest man alive but he recently agreed to slow his pace, long enough, to shoot a new and vibrant ad campaign for Gatorade. The campaign will see a new sleek bottling and packaging for the world’s most popular sports drink. The commercial was filmed … Continue reading

Rihanna To Barbados…Here I Come

“Rude Boy” singer Rihanna has joined forces with Barbados’ tourism authority to promote her homeland and draw in more visitors. Rihanna takes her Loud tour to Barbados in August. As a matter of fact August 05. Rihanna recently tweeted #LOUDtourBARBADOS I comin home! I promise wunna eeeevery every since! Luv wunna BAD like sweetbread!!! My island … Continue reading

Deshawn Stevenson’s Shirt Disses LeBron

This T-Shirt says it all

America’s Filthiest Cities

Here are the top ten 1.    New Orleans 2.    Philadelphia 3.    Los Angeles 4.    Memphis 5.    New York 6.    Baltimore 7.    Las vegas 8.    Miami 9.    Atlanta 10.  Houston Cities like New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles may be some of the most popular and exciting cities in the U.S., but they also … Continue reading

Gaga for meat

It seems like Lady Gaga has not only been wearing the meat she has also been eating it.  The five-time Grammy winner, who’s admitted to having eating disorders as a teenager, also smoked a joint onstage this week in Amsterdam  

Whoopie really don’t give a f##K!

Whoopie really don’t care what you think.The 56-year-old actress and View moderator stepped out at the Paris premiere of the stage show of Sister Act, sporting a pair of fun banana skin style shoes. Whoop teamed her humorous footwear with a billowing dark grey and white coat over black trousers as she posed for pictures … Continue reading

Man leaps into Tiger enclosure

Last week I heard a story where a man leapt into a Tiger cage. and was viciously mauled by a 400-pound tiger. It was first thought that he  wanted to commit suicide. My first thought was there are 101 ways to commit suicide why go for the most painful. Now the reports are that the … Continue reading

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